Linking Sustainable Development Goal 4 and Global Education Framework in New Delhi

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Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) organized a study exchange workshop of linking Sustainable Development Goal 4 and Global Education Framework in New Delhi for the Afghanistan National Education Coalition Organization (ANECO) on 23-25 September 2019. The workshop was organized to - (1) set objectives of ANECO for 2020-2021; - (2) define problematic analysis of education system in Afghanistan. Susmita Choudhury and Rene Raya from ASPBAE presented their information on how to achieve ANECO’s objectives, through specific outcomes, outputs and activities. ANECO Board of Directors along with Secretariat staff participated in the workshop:

  • Ali Parwiz, Afghan Civil Society Forum-Organization (ACSF-O), Board of Directors Member
  • Jawid Ahmad Omari, Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief - Organization (ACBAR), Board of Directors Member
  • Mohammad Rahim Jami, Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan Org (WBRAO/MSQEA), Board of Directors Member
  • Nooria Safi, Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organization (WCBDO), Board of Directors Member
  • Jan Mohammad Ahmadian, ANEC Secretary/National Coordinator
  • Farhad Sarwari, ANEC Finance & Admin Assistant
  • Naseer Ahmad Bayat, ANAFAE Deputy Director
  • Hayatullah Mirzayar, ANAFAE M&E

On the first day, strategical planning of ANECO 2020 onwards was discussed between board members, key inputs were collected from them and specific activities were set. On second day, girl’s education prioritization and inclusion of PWDs national education agenda were selected as two other targets for ANECO. On last day ASPBAE presented Adult Learning and Education presentation and board members discussed about the budget for each activity of 2020-2021 proposal.

As the result of three days’ discussions, 3 objectives were set for ANECO for 2020-2021 which will strengthen the coalition as a platform for Afghan civil society organizations to pursue education advocacy to improve quality and accessibility of education for girls, women and people with special needs.


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