Our Mission

Last Update: 11:08 AM 25-11-2019

ANEC believes that education is a human right, enabling empowering opportunity for all people to achieve prosperity and benefiting from other defined rights.

We belief that education is a powerful weapon to build a prosperous nation and fundamental base for developing human resources that directly liked to security, peace and development. 

Renovating safe, reliable, non-political, non-discriminated and modern education system including all levels of primary to higher education needs collective efforts of CSOs, Government, INGOs and Investors, as is advancing the learning needs and interests of marginalized and vulnerable children, youth, and adults, returnees and IDPs, migrants as well as people with special needs. ANEC considers national values as an integral to its work and commitment to advancing the right to education.

ANEC beliefs that every citizen of Afghanistan should enjoy quality, free, inclusive, equitable and lifelong learning throughout their lives.

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