ANEC Overview

Last Update: 11:06 AM 25-11-2019

Afghanistan National Education Coalition Org. (ANEC-o) initial work started in November-2015 by Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) with support of DVV International and technical support of Asia South Pacific for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and financial support from Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF). The core group (Board of Directors) comprised of member organizations with more than 30 years of experience in advocacy, policy engagement, strategic planning, MDGs, EFA and SDGs engagement and cooperation with government.  This helped ANEC to grow and play active role in policy platforms, national dialogues, government led meetings on education as well as national and regional conferences.

As per the approved constitution, following Core Group/Board of Directors elected by member in May 2016 for the period of 5 consequent years (2016-2020):

  1. Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE), Chair of the Board, ( working in 12 provinces
  2. Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief & Development, Board Member, ( 145 member organizations (63 in education) in 32 provinces
  3. Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), Board Member ( 135 women's organizational members in 10 provinces
  4. Afghanistan Civil Society Forum-Organization (ACSF-O), Board Member ( 175 organizational members in 18 provinces
  5. Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan Org (WBARO) & Movement for Support of Quality Education in Afghanistan (MSQEA), Board Member, ( 35 CSOs, NGOs, Media and networks in 16 provinces
  6. Afghanistan National Teachers Council (ANTC), Board Member, professional and legal support to 150,000 teachers in 23 provincial councils
  7. Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organization (WCBDO), Board Member enabling environment for women & youth in 16 provinces

ANEC among more than 100 Education Coalitions in the world is supported by Global Partnership for Education (GPE, ASPBAE, GCE, CSEF) to work as a unified platform of Civil Society for genuine dialogue and identify areas for partnerships towards education policy advocacy and capacity building for local CSOs, ensuring that all Afghans irrespective of their race, color, religion, gender and location should have the right to free and quality education. The fundamental bases of Education Coalition are supported by National and International NGOs as well as central government to better manage coordination among CSOs, Government and Donor agencies in Afghanistan.

ANEC was registered as a legal organization in 2018 with central government and currently has 62 direct members and more than 500 indirect member organizations all over the country. The constitution of ANEC specifies the vision as “Lifelong, Quality and Equitable Education ensures Peaceful, Tolerant & Sustainable Society” and the mission “Together we are engaged to advocate for Quality, Accessible, relevant and accountable education for all”. Internal documents including HR policies, operation manual, internal policy are endorsed by member organizations.

ANEC is an active member of Development Partner Group (equivalent to LEG - member), Education Cannot Wait (ECW- Steering Committee), SDG4 Working Group (Govt. led) Afghanistan National Oversight Committee on Education (Chair of the committee), National Advocacy Committee for people with disability (member), Curriculum Development Committee (MoE led), Literacy Initiatives for Empowerment (Leading Secretariat), Geneva Conference for Afghanistan Working Group, Civil Society Joint Working Group, Education in Emergency Working Group (MoE led), Human Resource Development Board (Govt. led)

We annually organize and conduct campaigns, advocacy, awareness raising, research, media conference/press release, capacity development, gender mainstreaming, peace building, youth mainstreaming, women political participation, election monitoring, oversighting and gathering CSOs involved in education sector of Afghanistan in different events including but not limited to Global Action Week for Education, International Literacy Day, International Women Day, International Day of People with Disability, World Teacher Day in 18 direct and 34 indirect provinces of Afghanistan.

At the national, regional and international levels, ANEC is member of Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Asia Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE), Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism (APRCEM), Education International, DVV International, Global Campaign for Education (GCE), Mala Fund/Gulmakay Network (WBRAO), British & Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (ACBAR) and US Inter Action. ANEC contributes to ASPBAE, GCE and APRCEM advocacy documents through providing position papers, shadow reports, survey and studies released during national events.

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