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The constitution of ANEC specifies the vision as “Lifelong, Quality and Equitable Education ensures Peaceful, Tolerant & Sustainable Society” and the mission “Together we are engaged to advocate for Quality, Accessible, relevant and accountable education for all”, we work to strengthen ANEC as a platform for civil society organizations to pursue education advocacy to improve quality and accessibility of education, especially for girls, women and people with special needs throughout Afghanistan. The goals are aligned with NESP (National Education Strategic Plan), SDG4 (Sustainable Development Goal 4) and interrelated SDGs to contribute to quality, free, inclusive, equitable and lifelong learning for sustainable development of Afghanistan.

ANEC plays an important role of leading civil society movement to create a national wide coordination body between Government, national and international NGOs, UN and Donor agencies through mobilizing national resources and effective utilization of international aids to the country, that ensure accountability, transparency, social responsibility and reporting of CSOs to Ministry of Education and to public. During 2020 and 2021, the coalition will focus on provision of quality education to all categories of marginalized people through transformative education and enabling skills for life with special focus on girl’s education, adult education and learning, youth empowerment and people with special needs across the country. 

Strategical approach:

ANEC works on three specific objectives in achieving the overall goal of

  1. Strengthening the coalition as platform of civil society organizations for education advocacy, public monitoring of education policies and programs from SDG 4 perspective contributes and informs policy decisions
  2. Engagement of Civil Society in improving quality and accessibility of Education for all with special focus on gender equity
  3. Advocacy on improving education accessibility of children and youths with special needs in national education policies and programs
  4. Monitoring of the SDG4 and education strategies implementation at national level and provide Spotlight Report on SDG4 progress to regional and global level.
  5. Support to develop programs, policies and strategies for education sector
  6. Cooperation and coordination with relevant national education partners
  7. Support and promotion to the development the adult education system
  8. Technical and financial support to develop national campaigns, advocacy plans, public awareness and follow up mechanisms in the education sector
  9. Organizing national dialogues/ workshops, strengthening national to regional cooperation, researches, spotlight reports, position papers, policy briefs and analytical reports publication

ANEC will play a critical role in improving the relationship and interconnection between stakeholders in program implementation which will contribute to NESP III, SDG4 and Agenda 2030 of sustainable development. ANEC will work closely with networks of member organizations and MoE provincial directorates for cost efficient, effective program implementation encouraging social contribution and volunteerism to achieve desired result and goal of the project. Communication between MoE and CSOs through the network will enhance government and CSOs capacity on collecting disaggregated data from grassroots and marginalized communities to produce Education Joint Sector Review and Report (EJSR in 2020-2021).

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