Who We Work With

Last Update: 11:17 AM 25-11-2019

Currently ANEC is active member of key policy platforms of government including SDG3 working group, Human Resource Development Board meetings, TVET strategical planning meetings, parliamentary commissions on women and people with disability as well as Donor led policy platforms including Education Cannot Wait, Development Partner Group meetings (equivalent to LEG), Civil Society Joint Working Group and chair of CSOs Education Oversight Committee as well as ASPBAE, APRCEM, GCE and GPE member.

ANEC is engaged with its strategic partners and members consisting of networks, coordination bodies, umbrella organizations, union and associations including:

  1. Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE)
  2. Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief - Organization (ACBAR)
  3. Afghan Women Network (AWN)
  4. Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan Org (WBRAO)
  5. Afghanistan National Teachers Council (ANTC)
  6. Afghan Civil Society Forum-Organization (ACSF-O)
  7. Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organization (WCBDO)
  8. Movement for Support of Quality Education in Afghanistan (MSQEA)
  9. Teach for Afghanistan Organization
  10. Star of Knowledge Organization (SKO)
  11. Women Health& Capacity Building Org (WHC)
  12. UNESCO-Afghanistan
  13. Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA)
  14. Nawed-e-Naw
  15. Nai Qala Organization
  16. Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)
  17. Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)
  18. Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS)
  19. Save the Children - Afghanistan
  20. Voice of Women Organization (VWO)
  21. Youth for sustainable development organization (YFSDO)
  22. Aid Afghanistan for Education
  23. The Tashabos Educational Organization (TEO)
  24. Omid Social Forum Hope
  25. RBO -Rainbow Organization
  26. Women Participation Promotion Organization
  27. Amitié Franco-Afghane (AFRANE)
  28. Canadian Women for Women of Afghanistan
  29. Child and Youth Development Organization
  30. Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization (ALSO)
  31. Afghan Woman Educational & Vocational Service Organization (AWEVSO)
  32. Relief International (RI)
  33. Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA)
  34. Swedish Committee For Afghanistan (SCA)
  35. Social Change for Afghan Women Organization (SCAWO)
  36. Community World Service Asia
  37. Development in Education and Literacy Organization (DELO)
  38. Afghan Australian Development Rehabilitation Organization (AADRO)
  39. Shuhada Organization (SO)
  40. JICA-Afghanistan
  41. Darnika Development and Services ORG
  42. World Vision
  43. Afghan Children & Women Support Organization (ACWSO)
  44. Social and Humanitarian Assistance Organization (SHAO)
  45. Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR)
  46. Afghanistan Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
  47. National Federation of UNESCO Association of Japan (NFUAJ)
  48. Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO)
  49. Concern Worldwide-Afghanistan
  50. Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid
  51. Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA)
  52. Afghanistan Reconstruction and Civil Society Organization (ARCSO)
  53. Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees (DACAAR)
  54. Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid
  55. Good Neighbors International (GNI)
  56. People in Need (PIN)
  57. Maihandoostan Organization (MO)
  58. Islamic Relief Afghanistan (IRA)
  59. Setar-e-Erfan Organization (SEO)
  60. Development in Education and Literacy Organization (DELO)
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