Press Release - World Teachers’ Day

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Thursday, 04 Oct, 2018 – Kabul Afghanistan

Afghanistan National Education Coalition (ANEC) celebrated world’s teachers’ day in Kabul on 04 October 2018 with technical support of different CSOs as well as voluntary organizations with 250 participants. The event started with recitation of Holy Quran, speech of MoE representative and National Teachers Council (NTEC), continued by messages from ANEC and achievements of NTEC, narration of press release and at the end the teachers were appreciated by the council.

Developments in education sector is the key achievement during past 15 years that are gained by generous financial support of international society to the people and government of Afghanistan. Now, almost 8.9 million children are in schools, out of which 40% are girls.
In the past 18 years, unfortunately in presence of wide facilities, there has been less attention to education and teachers in Afghanistan which is a great concern for the future of the country and still there are many challenges the teachers are facing that have negative effects on the quality of education.

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